Tips for choosing the best tea for different times of the day

Millions of cups of tea are consumed in the world every day. Increasing awareness about the properties of herbal drinks for the body and mind has led to an increase in the public’s desire to know their properties. We have prepared a list for you of 5 of the best times to drink tea so that you can use them and spend your day with more energy and vitality:

7 am:

Early morning is the time to consume energizing and stimulating tea. Not all of us are energetic enough to get out of bed at the first sound of the alarm clock. We like to stay in bed for a few minutes after sleeping. For an energetic start to the day, nothing beats saffron and cardamom tea. These teas contain higher caffeine levels, providing the perfect kick-start to your morning routine.

10 am:

10 am is the best time to drink tea to increase concentration. We should try to resolve all mental concerns before lunch time so that our creativity is free for the afternoon.

If you have reached the middle of your morning and you are feeling sleepy and tired, transition into mid-morning with a lighter option such as our Morning Infusion Tea. These teas offer a gentle lift without overwhelming your senses, keeping you alert and focused.

1 pm:

Now is the best time to drink tea so that you don’t feel too full after lunch and prevent energy loss in the afternoon. As you approach noon, consider switching to an herbal tea like Orange Blossom Tea. This caffeine-free option provides a soothing break while aiding digestion and calming the mind.

4 pm:

Keep your energy levels steady with our Afternoon Infusion Tea during the afternoon. Its balanced caffeine content offers sustained alertness without the jitters, making it an ideal companion for productivity.

9 pm:

While you are trying to relax and go to bed for a sweet and pleasant sleep, the best time to drink a relaxing tea has come. The relaxing effect of Borage Tea from Mercede&Co is miraculous. This tea is an excellent solution for relaxation and comfort before sleep, especially for those who have been very busy during the day and want to forget all their worries for sleep. You will wake up the next morning with full energy!

Choosing the right tea for each hour of the day can significantly enhance your overall well-being and enjoyment. By understanding the diverse flavors and caffeine levels of various teas, you can create a personalized tea-drinking experience with Mercede&Co products that perfectly complements every moment of your day. So, next time you reach for a cup of tea, consider the hour and elevate your tea ritual to new heights.

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